Session 1 Primer

It's that time of year again! Midsummer is an exciting, though nervous, time in Nightstone. The day is celebrated with carnival games in the town square. Villagefolk, as well as farmers from nearby farmlands, are constantly buzzing about. The day is capped off with a feast honoring the return of the handful of dragon appeasers, thus the feast is hard to plan, as you can't be sure when in the day they'll get back to town. But they always come back on this day. So sometimes, they get back very late, and the food has all gone cold, and, frankly, isn't very tasty. But! If you were to have a meal celebrating that your village for sure won't be attacked by dragons for a year, wouldn't you enjoy the food anyway, despite it's rancid flavor?

Wait, You've never heard of the dragon appeasers? Well, Nightstone used to be plagued by dragons. Roughly the first 18 months of it's existence were spent rebuilding what structures they could. Seemed like every month a different dragon would swoop in and really just go nuts. Eating people, crushing buildings. This is the 23rd windmill Nightstone has seen within it's walls. Luckily the walls were never too badly damaged. Then, one day, a youngish red dragon, called himself Lagiocrus, swooped in, but instead of the normal mayhem, he just perched himself up on a wall. Slightly curious, but mostly tired of all this, Lord Nandar approached him. They bartered a deal. Every year, near midsummer, Nightstone would send a small group of individuals to a location chosen by Lagiocrus (a different place each year, even), to pay off the dragon. He never specified how much treasure he wanted. Only that they'd know if they didn't send enough. So every year, about two weeks before midsummer, a handful of folks are sent off with a couple wagons of loot, to a location only known by the Nandars and their chosen few. It seems odd to most outsiders, but it's worked for the past 7 years, soon to be 8, so the tradition continues (not like the Nandars can't afford it).

Now please, enjoy the festivites!

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