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  • Morak Urgray

    Morak is the proprietor of the Nightstone Inn, he handles the front bits of the establishment, and lets his long-time friend [[Derggi]] handle the kitchen.  He's been in Nightstone since the [[Nandars]] founded the village 10 years ago.   …

  • Derggi

    Following her friend [[Morak Urgray]] into retirement, Derggi was unsure she'd enjoy the life of small-village folk (most of those folk typically don't care much about half-orcs).  The first few years were rough, but she's …

  • Kella Darkhope

    Kella currently lodges at the Nightstone Inn, it's only tenant.  She's a tall, pale human, with dirty-blonde hair.  She's a travelling monk who finds Nightstone quite charming.

  • Lady Velrosa Nandar

    Since her husband [[Lord Drezlin Nandar | Drezlin]] died a year ago, Lady Nandar has been spending increasingly more time away from the keep and among the commonfolk of [[Nightstone]].

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