The beauty of Ardeep Forest and the mystique of its elven ruins have long attracted nobles from Waterdeep. The nobles of House Nandar had a hunting lodge in the forest two centuries ago, but elves forced them to abandon it. Ten years ago, members of House Nandar—Lord Drezlin Nandar and Lady Velrosa Nandar—decided it was time to return. They built a new motte-and-bailey settlement south of the Ardeep Forest and began making forays into the woods with friends to hunt and explore. Unknown to the Nandars, wood elves from Evermeet then settled in the forest, determined to protect the remnants of old elf empires from plunder and desecration. As in the past, the interests of the elves and Nandars were at cross purposes. A year ago, the conflict came to a head and the elves attacked Nightstone. Drezlin was among the many slain— shot and killed by elf arrows while standing on the roof of his keep. His widow, Lady Velrosa Nandar, made peace with the elves and promised to make no further incursions into the Ardeep Forest.

Random things about Nightstone:

  • Nightstone is a popular retreat for wealthy nobles who wish to hunt in the Ardeep Forest.  Adventurers often stay in Nightstone and offer services as guards or trackers on a hunt.
  • Lady Nandar would like to bring the long-standing quarrel with the elves of Ardeep forest to a close.  She is always willing to hear from skilled mediators, and offers a lucrative deal to those she feels are able to accomplish the task (though, obviously no one has succeeded).
  • The Nightstone Inn is renowned for its food and cozy guest rooms. The dwarf innkeeper Morak Urgray has a fondness for adventurers and a nose for lucrative adventuring opportunities.
  • No small village is complete without a threat from nearby goblins, and of course Nightstone has that.  A just reward is in store from Lady Nandar for anyone who is able to eliminate the threat.


Notable Places in Nightstone :



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